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Stories and cross entertaining and very interesting

Stories and cross entertaining and very interesting

Foreigner residing in Saudi Arabia claims
I went with my sponsor to distribute his zakat.
We visited the seaside, where there were impoverished communities.
The funds were allocated in these ways.
Each envelope has 5000 riyals inside.
As soon as we crossed the Jeddah-Jizan boundary, we left one of the settlements.
And if an elderly man who is strong and in good condition, who is at least 70 years old, is crossing the street
This is what's wrong with this place, my friend said.
In the desert at this hour?
The driver asserted: I'm positive that I'm involved in smuggling.
We greeted him while standing near the males.
From what country is the brother?
Where are you going from Yemen? he questioned. He stated,

nice morality lesson
A businessman told one of his workers, "I want you to construct me a house. Here are the designs; please follow them!" I don't want to overlook anything!
The worker saw the chart and was disappointed to see that he only had three months left before retiring. He began to complain, saying, "Three months from retirement and this guy is giving me a job that will last six months....., I don't really mind, I'll do what I can, and it will save me more money!"
So the worker got to work, carelessly creating the house's supports and constructing every building in the house with low-quality, inexpensive materials.
One day, an elderly woman told her grandchildren, "I've never taken a train in my life."
She said she wanted to do it.
They promptly purchased a train ticket for her to visit a friend in a nearby city.
After boarding the train and taking a seat, the elderly woman soon noticed that the seat cover was torn. Furious, she quickly gathered her belongings and sat down in another seat near the front of the train car.
She moved to the back of the carriage this time after being bothered there by a child sobbing through the carriageway, but discovered that the sun was extremely hot there.

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