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Prophet Ayyub (Job) was a relative of Prophet Ibrahim. Ayyub's mom was the girl of Prophet Lut and his significant other was an immediate relative of Prophet Yusuf. Ayyub lived in Rome with his dear spouse Rahma and fourteen kids.

Ayyub was a Prophet who was monstrously honored by Allah — he was solid and sound, had huge plots of land, plentiful domesticated animals, and an upright and wonderful family; he was additionally a local area pioneer who was profoundly regarded and cherished by his kin. Regardless of his status and riches, Ayyub was rarely presumptuous; he was generally unassuming, he promptly helped the denied, and continually expressed gratitude toward and celebrated Allah for all that he was honored with.

At some point, high up in the sky, the holy messengers started examining about the best of people who lived on the planet. A heavenly messenger among them said,

"The best animal on earth today is Ayyub, a man of honorable person who shows incredible tolerance and consistently recollects his Generous Lord. He is an amazing model for the admirers of Allah. Consequently, his Lord has favored him with a long life and a lot of workers; the destitute and the unfortunate offer in his favorable luck — he feeds and garments poor people and purchases captives to liberate them. He causes the individuals who accept his foundation to feel as though they are leaning toward him — so kind and delicate is he."

Satan, who was nearby, upward the conversation and ended up being extremely furious. He promptly started plotting to draw Ayyub away from the love of Allah. He murmured insidious considerations to Ayyub about the numerous joys of life that a man, for example, Ayyub could undoubtedly appreciate; however the Prophet was a true worker of Allah and was not effortlessly vacillated — this infuriated Satan further.

Satan moved toward Allah and informed Him that Ayyub was not an earnest worker of His and was just celebrating Him in apprehension about losing all his abundance. He, Satan, recommended, "In the event that You eliminate his riches, You will observe that his tongue will never again make reference to Your name and his supplicating will stop." Allah, the All-Knowing, didn't trust Satan, for He realize that Ayyub was among His most genuine adherents and didn't revere his Lord for simple material belongings. In any case, He consented to test Ayyub to show Satan the outright earnestness of His unwavering worker. Thrilled, Satan set off to obliterate Prophet Ayyub's riches.

As time elapsed, Prophet Ayyub's abundance started to reduce — his territory, domesticated animals, workers, and cash gradually sidestepped him until he was left with nothing.

Massively happy with Ayyub's difficulty, Satan, masked as a savvy elderly person, moved toward the Prophet and said, "All your abundance is lost, certain individuals say that it is on the grounds that you gave an excessive amount of cause and that you are burning through your experience with your consistent supplications to Allah. Others say that Allah has acquired this upon you request to satisfy your foes. In the event that Allah had the ability to forestall hurt, He would have safeguarded your abundance."

Ayyub answered, "Allah gives whom He wills, and Allah takes from whom He wills. And all of the abundance that I have has a place with Allah, so He has each position to take it back from me". Ayyub then convoluted and proceeded to thank and adulate Allah.

Feeling rather disappointed, Satan got back to Allah and said, "I have stripped Ayyub of every one of his assets, yet he actually stays appreciative to You. Notwithstanding, he is just concealing his failure. The genuine trial of a parent is through his kids. You will perceive the way Ayyub will dismiss You." Allah actually realize that Ayyub's confidence and love for his Lord won't falter, yet He consented to test Ayyub further.

In a little while, the structure where Ayyub's kids resided crashed killing each of the fourteen of his young, excellent youngsters. Once more satan visited Ayyub camouflaged as identifying observer, and commented with distress, "The conditions under which your youngsters passed on were miserable. Doubtlessly, your Lord isn't remunerating you appropriately for every one of your requests."

Ayyub answered, "Allah gives me what is really great for me, and removes what Allah sees that is disappointing for Himself and for me. Allah sees that these youngsters might be a solid test and preliminary for me, so Allah removed them from me. Whether a thing is helpful or hurtful to me, I will stay firm in my conviction and stay appreciative to my Creator."

Satan hurried back to Allah and said, "O my Lord, Ayyub's abundance is gone, his kids are dead, and he is as yet solid in body, and as long as he appreciates great wellbeing he will keep on loving You in order to recapture his riches and creating more youngsters. Award me authority over his body so I might debilitate it. He will clearly disregard adoring You and will in this manner become rebellious."

Allah conceded his solicitation however educated, "I allow you power over his body yet not over his spirit, astuteness or heart, for in these spots dwell the information on Me and My religion."

Before long, Ayyub's wellbeing started to break down. He was sick to such an extent that the skin of his body used to tumble off uncovering his muscles and bone. Yet, as Allah educated, the main two organs that worked in his body were his heart and tongue — which he kept on utilizing to extol Allah. Ayyub endured serious torment, yet he never permitted himself to gripe or waver in his confidence in Allah.

Individuals of the city started talking about, "On the off chance that Ayyub was a decent individual, Allah could not have possibly done this to him". Furthermore, in the end, they deserted him — his family members, companions, and every individual who adored and regarded Ayyub abandoned him, aside from Rahma, his cherished spouse.

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