one of the most  wonderful stories of a religious scholar with atheists

one of the most wonderful stories of a religious scholar with atheists

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Imam Abu Hanifa was asleep and saw a strange vision in his sleep. He saw a pig carving in a tree and was about to topple it until a small branch of this tree came and hit the pig, and the pig turned into a righteous servant who sat worshiping God under the tree. When the imam Abu Hanifa woke up, he went quickly to his sheikh and teacher, Sheikh (Hamad bin Salman), to explain to him what he had seen in his dream, and the age of the imam Abu Hanifa at that time did not exceed twelve. Mam Abu Hanifa to his sheikh and his grandfather overwhelmed by worry and grief

Abu Hanifa forgot what he had seen

He asked his sheikh: “What happened, my sheikh? I see you anxious.” Sheikh Hamad said: “O Abu Hanifa, he has sent to the caliph wanting me to argue with a group of atheists who do not believe in God.”

They say that nature has no creator.

By God, it is a matter of great importance, as we do not know the value of the Divine Essence until we argue about it. Abu Hanifa said to his sheikh: “Oh my sheikh, let me go in your place to argue with them.”

Their argument is what is the matter of the great sheikh, and if they argue with me, I am only a young student.” His sheikh said to him: “Go with God’s blessing, O Abu Hanifa.” So the imam Abu Hanifa went to the caliph’s palace and found

A group of people sitting at the caliph. Imam Abu Hanifa said: “Peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.” Only the caliph and a few of his courtiers responded to him. The Caliph said: “Where?

Your sheikh, Hamad bin Salman, you sent for him, so why did he not come? Abu Hanifa said: “It is

My sheikh sent me to prove it.” Imam Abu Hanifa sat with the people asking them to ask him their questions.

to respond to them. Then a man - who is the head of the atheists - said: O Abu Hanifa, why did your sheikh not attend?

He has a lot of knowledge to need us? Abu Hanifa said: “My sheikh is a tree that bears knowledge, but you are not worthy to sit with my sheikh, Hamad bin Salman.” So let's start the conversation:

(The argument began with a question from the atheists) The atheists ask:

O Abu Hanifa, did you see your Lord?

Abu Hanifa replied: “Glory be to my Lord, visions do not perceive Him, but He perceives visions.”

Atheists say: We do not believe in such words, we believe in nature, so he brought us an example from nature.

Abu Hanifa says: “So this is an example

(If you were sitting with a man whose death throes attended him, then when

The man dies, what does he get out of it?

They said: His soul departs.

The Imam said: His soul leaves before you, so do you see it?

They said: No

The imam said: This is the soul, so God created it and you do not see it, so how do you see the  Creator?

And this argument overwhelmed them. But they wanted to remedy the situation, so they asked him another question.

The atheists said: “O Abu Hanifa, in what direction is your Lord heading?

The imam said: “Wherever you turn, there is the face of God.”

The atheists said: “We don't believe in the Koran. Bring us an example from nature.”

The imam said: If you were in a dark room and lit a lamp, in which direction would the light be?

They said: “The light is in all directions.”

Abu Hanifa said: “This is my Lord, for he is light upon light.”

And they started asking Imam Abu Hanifa and he answered them with arguments until they reached their last question.

The atheists said: “O Abu Hanifa, you say in your religion that the jinn was created from fire, so how does God punish him in the fire? That is, how does he punish the fire with the fire?”

Imam Abu Hanifa said: “This question needs an explanation from nature.” Imam Abu Hanifa bent down and picked up a stone from the ground and hit the head of a man of atheists with it.

The Caliph said: “What are you doing, O Abu Hanifa?

The imam said: “This is just an example of clarification. This mold was created from clay, so see how He torments clay with clay. Likewise, God torments fire with fire.”

Everyone was amazed by the imam's eloquence and knowledge, and the head of the atheists turned to the imam Abu Hanifa, saying: "O Abu Hanifa, guide me to your sheikh so that I may be a student at his feet."

And this is how Abu Hanifa knew the interpretation of his vision that he saw in his dream. The pig is the head of the atheists

The tree is the tree of knowledge, and it is (Sheikh Hamad bin Salman). As for the small branch, it is

Abu Hanifa, who argued with atheists and made them students with his sheikh, Hamad bin Salman.

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