You Have Guided Me To A Path You Know Not Yourselves

You Have Guided Me To A Path You Know Not Yourselves

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The accompanying story is described by 'Abdul-Waaḥid ibn Zaid: "We were on an ocean vessel once, when the breeze out of nowhere became turbulent, and we had to leave the high oceans and look for shelter on an island. We were shocked to see that we were in good company on the island; there remaining before us was a man who was in the middle of venerating. We shared with him 'What are you venerating?' And he highlighted a symbol,

We said, 'We don't have an individual on our boat that does as you are doing'

The man asked, 'Then who is it that you love?'

We said, 'We love Allah.'

He asked, 'And who is Allah?'

We said, 'He Whose Throne is in the Heavens and Whose domain is in the sky, the earth, and all that exists.'

'What's more, how could you come to know that?' asked the man.

'He sent a courier to us with clear evidences and wonders, and it was that courier who informed us about Him.'

'Also, what has befallen your courier?'

'At the point when he wrapped up passing on the message, Allah made him kick the bucket,' we replied.

'Has he left you no sign?' the man inquired.

We said, 'He has left among us Allah's Book,'.

'Show it to me,' mentioned the man.

At the point when we showed him a duplicate of the Qur'an, he said, 'I can't understand it,' thus we read a piece of it for him.

He then cried and said, 'The One Whose discourse this is should not be rebelled.' Not just did the man then, at that point, acknowledge Islam, he additionally steadily educated its lessons and afterward set what he realized up as a regular occurrence.

At the point when the weather conditions quieted down and we were prepared to leave the island, he inquired as to whether he could be a traveler on our boat. We obviously consented to have him go along with us, and it was great that he accompanied us, for it offered us the chance to show him various sections of the Qur'an. Toward the finish of the principal night of movement, we all crew members prepared to nod off. Our new traveler said, 'O individuals, the Lord that you directed me to, does He rest?'

We said, '...He is the Ever Living, the One who maintains and safeguards generally that exists. Neither sleep nor rest surpass Him...' [Surah Al-Baqarah 2:255]

He took a gander at us and said, 'It is for sure terrible habits for a captive to rest within the sight of his lord.' With a lot of energy and life, he then hopped up and started to supplicate; and his crying voice could be heard until the morning.

At the point when we arrived at a spot called ''Abaadaan [a place arranged in present-day Iran], I shared with my colleagues, 'This man is a more odd here, besides, he is another Muslim. We would do well to assemble a cash for him to take care of him.' We accumulated what we could, however when we attempted to give him the cash, he shouted, 'What is this!'

We said, 'Cash that you can spend on yourself.'

He said, 'Subhan Allah (How wonderful Allah is)! You have directed me to a way that you don't have any acquaintance with yourselves. When I was living on a desolate desert in the sea, I loved other than Him, yet He didn't permit me to do without; then how could it be conceivable that He will cause me to be destitute, when it is Him alone that I presently love? To be sure He is the Creator and the Provider.' He then left us and went on his way.

Various days passed before we heard any fresh insight about his whereabouts. We were informed he was in such and such spot and that he was very wiped out. At the point when we contacted him, we saw that he was nearly passing on. In the wake of stretching out good tidings of harmony to him, I said, 'Do you want anything?'

He said, 'The One Who carried you to the island when I didn't realize Him has furnished me with all that I require,' he said.

I plunked down next to him, believing that I could remain for some time and solace him. I before long nodded off, and saw a fantasy. In the burial ground of 'Abaadaan I saw the most gorgeous young lady that I have at any point seen. She was saying, 'Hurry his entombment, for it is quite a while since I have been longing for him.'I awakened with a beginning and found that he had simply passed on. I washed his body and concealed him. That evening, after the entombment had occurred, I saw another fantasy. In it, he was looking exceptionally attractive, and a similar young lady was perched on the bed. Sitting next to her, he kept on rehashing the stanza:
"Harmony arrive for what you persistently persevered. Furthermore, superb is the last home!" [Surah Al-Ra'd 13:24]"
This story reminds us to attempt to consummate our dependence upon Allah alone as per the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him)in which he said: "On the off chance that you depended on Allah with a genuine dependence, He would accommodate you equivalent to He gives birds: they set off in the early morning with void stomachs and return back by the day's end with full stomachs." [At-Tirmidhi, Ahmad]
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