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Islam is the religion of peace

Islam is the religion of peace

Most people know Islam as a religion of peace. It teaches people to be kind and share what they have with others. They also believe in one God, who cares for all of us and wants us to be happy. I've studied Islam all my life, and I still learn new things about it every day.


Islam is the religion of peace. It teaches love and peace, not violence and hate. It is a religion of tolerance, not intolerance. It teaches its followers to be good neighbors and citizens, not terrorists and extremists.


The word Islam means peace. Each year on the anniversary of his birth, the world celebrates the Prophet Muhammad as a man of peace. He preached love and compassion, not violence and hatred. He was a champion of the poor and the oppressed, not the military and the powerful.

Islam is the religion of peace and it condemns extremism and violence. Islam promotes the peace, calm, harmony, any tranquility in society. of terrorizing, misconduct, racism and violation against humanity. world knows him, as a 'Rahmatul-lil-Aālamyn'(Mercy into the world)

  • There are over a billion Muslims in the world, and the great majority of them are peaceful, moderate practitioners of mainstream Islam
  • The Muslims who have succumbed to violence are motivated by politics, not religion.
  • The word “jihad” has different meanings. It can be translated to “holy war,” but its primary meaning is “struggle,” and in the Koran, this refers to the internal and external effort to be a good 
  • Muslim
  • islam: Its meaning encompasses the concepts of peace, greeting,honesty, salutation, surrender, obedience, loyalty, allegiance, and commitment. Literally means “submission to the will of Allah,” and refers commonly to an individual's surrender and commitment to God the creator through adherence to the religion by the same name.
  • Islam is a religion of peace
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اسلام ابراهيم

2022-08-07 19:47:40

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