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What is temporary marriage in Islam or what is called temporary marriage and its ruling?

What is temporary marriage in Islam or what is called temporary marriage and its ruling?

What is temporary marriage in Islam?
What is temporary marriage in Islam, and it is a marriage in which a man contracts a woman for a specific period that is agreed upon in the marriage contract, it can be a day, if a week or a month, and after the end of the period the marriage contract ends, find out more information through our article.
What is temporary marriage in Islam?

It was called by this name the temporary marriage because the husband enjoys his wife for a specific period agreed upon in the contract, where the marriage formula takes place with a slight difference from the correct marriage formula, which indicates the completion of the marriage and the acceptance of both parties by the girl’s guardian and acceptance by the man.
What is temporary marriage in Islam? It is one of the types of marriage contracts that Islam has forbidden, because it wastes the rights of women. You can learn about the conditions of temporary marriage and how to complete the marriage correctly through the following points.
Terms of marriage of pleasure

There are many conditions and procedures that must be met and completed. If they are not met, this marriage is considered adultery. Learn about the most important of these conditions as follows:
⦁What is temporary marriage in Islam is an oral contract, but the woman must be an adult.
⦁In addition to the importance of obtaining the permission of a woman’s guardian if she is unmarried or a minor, but if she is a widow, she does not need permission.
⦁ The dowry must be available in this marriage, which can be a specific financial or intangible value such as prayer.
⦁ Temporary marriage does not make the wife obtain the inheritance, but her children are entitled to all the natural rights because they belong to it.
Ruling on temporary marriage in Islamic law

Temporary marriage is forbidden in Islam because it lacks the basic purpose of marriage, which is permanence between spouses and the formation of the family naturally, in addition to that it causes a waste of women’s rights.
Also, this type of marriage depends on only one thing, which is the man's enjoyment of this wife and her exclusion, instead of committing adultery. Also, the specified marriage period is not one of the goals of a valid marriage in Islam.

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